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10th January 2022

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Leaderboard after game day 12...

10th January 2022

Here is the BRHA South 2021/22 player & goalie leaderboard after game day 12...


South Leaderboard So Far...

7th October 2021

The past couple of weeks has seen the start of BRHA South's 2021/22 regular season. 

Players from the follow teams are leading the way as it stands:

Brighton Stormers
Nuclear Sushi
Eastbourne Edge - in Line Skate Hockey Club

@Bordon Roller Rink


Senior Tournament - 14 & 15 August

7th July 2021

BRHA National Tournament

To update you on the friendly national tournament the BRHA is running at Bordon Roller Rink over the weekend of 14th & 15th August, we have decided to run this as a senior tournament instead due to several hurdles along the way. Apologies to those junior teams that had registered their interest, we’ll make it extra special for Junior Nationals 2021/22! ???? 

So, senior teams…

- Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th August @ Bordon Roller Rink. Times and fixtures will be confirmed in due course. 

- Each BRHA region has only 3 available slots each. Get in contact with your regional representative for more details.

- No qualification needed on this occasion. This is a friendly tournament open to all registered BRHA senior teams. 

- £300 per team. As the tournament is approx. 5 weeks away, payment will be due within 7 days to guarantee your place. 

- We are considering a couple of different formats to maximise the number of games each team plays.

This is our first national event as the BRHA and, after the year we’ve all had, we look forward to welcoming teams from all over the country for a weekend of hockey (hopefully without restrictions, too!) ????

Questions? Drop us an email:


Girl Power!

6th July 2021

#ThisGirlCan + #BRHA = GIRL POWER!

WITHIN THE BRHA there is a proud history of supporting the promotion of women's hockey, dating back before the league was first established in 2014.  

Going back around 20 years ago, players like Beth Kavanagh and team-mate Kelly were a formidable force with Walkden Cobras in the North West junior leagues. This tradition has been continued ever since with players like Beth Wright, Charlotte Jackson and Judy Browne plus in more recent years, through Holimae Bentham (founder #OnTheRocks), Mali Easton (Winner of TOP NETMINDER at the BRHA Winter Cup 2019) & Katie Jones who has represented female players at senior level in the North West Region, at national level with GB, internationally with Ris-Oranges in France, and most recently at Sparta Women's 2021. 

 Pictured: Katie Jones. Inline hockey player, coach, GB international, match official. 

No one gets to choose how you exercise other than you. Your body, your call. And whatever that looks like, we think it’s worth celebrating. #ThisGirlCan, funded by the National Lottery, believes that there’s no ‘right’ way to get active. Get in touch to locate a team near you and try something new, or get back on the skates if you haven’t played in a while.

Katie Jones

Develop great netminders

23rd June 2021

*** Calling all Coaching Staff ***

Help develop your goalies by sitting this bonus module of our accredited coaching course.

Module 8: Developing Great Netminders

This Sunday, 27th June, at 1600 BST.

Limited spaces available:






14th April 2021

The BRHA National Executive Committee and Advanced Hockey Development UK (AHDUK) are proud to announce their continued partnership by entering into a long-term agreement to deliver their leading coaching program as its recognised national certification.

The BRHA has opted to join our friends in the sport as one of several international organisations that is driving consistency and improving the overall standard of coaching to that offered previously. This is a significant milestone not only for us but for the history of inline hockey. Improving the standard of coaching, especially amongst our junior clubs, is of utmost importance to the long-term success of our organisation and the future of our sport as a whole.

Who does this affect?

The rule is simple. It is mandatory for teams with under 18’s in their roster to be certified to level 1 as a minimum. This applies across all age groups. There must be a minimum of one level 1 coach on the bench/pad at all times in order for the insurance policy to be valid.

Teams without under 18’s are still strongly encouraged to become certified in order to possess a base-level skill set in coaching a team. It is not only about drills; you will learn valuable skills in how to manage challenging situations, how to effectively run a bench on game day, and much more. Even for experienced coaches, a refresher will not do any harm, or just think of it as a good networking opportunity.

In addition to nationally sanctioned events, this is in effect across all BRHA regions including North Wales (Market Drayton), North West (Atherton), South (Bordon), South West (Plymouth), West (Market Drayton), and Yorkshire (Sheffield).

It is important to note that the validity of our insurance policy is linked to this program and is mandatory for some. Due to the importance of this matter, clubs found not adhering to this rule will be subject to disciplinary investigation and remedial action.

Why does this matter?

Quality trained coaches benefit hockey programs in many ways. Coaches who are confident in their abilities to work with players and coaches in the sport will be a valuable part of their players development and further improve the standard inter-club. As a result of this, your club will be more attractive to new players in the sport or players that may be looking for a new opportunity.

Course overview

For a coach to be deemed ‘qualified’ they will need to sit a minimum of two levels consisting of seven modules:

Level 1

> Module 1: Introduction to coaching inline hockey (2.5hr)

> Module 2: Delivering high quality training sessions (2.5hr)

> Module 3: Game day and bench management (2.5hr)

Level 2

> Module 4: Teaching effective checking in today’s game (2.5hr)

> Module 5: Developing hockey IQ (2.5hr)

> Module 6: Developing team play (2.5hr)

> Module 7: How to build a winning inline program (2.5hr)

Once the coach has completed all seven modules, the certification will be valid for ten (10) years from the date of passing the final module. They will need to attend a refresher session every two (2) years and within a six (6) month window of the due date – three (3) months either side.

Extra Points

Keep an eye out for complimentary pre-recorded webinars that will focus on various topics that, once completed, earn extra points towards your overall tally. Over time, points will mean prizes so be sure to remain engaged and attend as many of these extra sessions as you can.

Technical benefits

> Courses delivered using the latest coaching software: Hockey Coach Vision (HCV)

> Access to AHDUK coaching portal with HCV where coaches can access example practice plans

> Access to AHDUK’s CEP private members coaching group giving you a platform to interact with like-minded peers. Have a question or facing a challenge? This is your go-to!

> Free drill-of-the-week updates through our Facebook group where coaches can share ideas through cooperative learning encouraging further development

> Continued support and development with a free monthly 1-hour webinar on various subject matter

How much does it cost and how do I book?

The cost of each module is £20. Participants can book directly through Modules can be booked individually in any order and at a pace that suits. All modules will run on a cycle over a period of several weeks, so coaches just need to register themselves on a date that is convenient. We all have busy lives, right?

Once the booking is confirmed, an email will be sent to the address provided that will contain all of the relevant information you need to prepare for the session.

Reinvesting for the benefit of our members

£5 from each module is paid in commission to the BRHA, 100% of which is invested back into the league to help fund various initiatives that directly benefit its members. BRHA Limited is committed to providing its members with full transparency of its financial accounts. All regional executive committees have visibility of the national financial accounts, or this can be arranged upon request by emailing:

What is the process upon completion?

Upon completion of each module, participants will receive a certificate of attendance which will display their personal reference number. Following the completion of level 1 and level 2 respectively, participants should notify the BRHA and upload a copy of their module attendance certificates at Any additional modules or webinars taken thereafter must also follow the same process. It is important this step is completed in a timely manner this triggers a process within the BRHA and maintains the list of qualified coaches.

EIHA: Coaches wanting to use their EIHA level 1 or level 2 qualification can upload a copy to the same form:

Will you accept any other coaching certification?

Holding a rigorous coaching certification is paramount. As this coaching program is based on EIHA’s coaching program, the BRHA will accept EIHA level 1 and level 2 certification only. All registered coaching staff have the opportunity to complete this course if they already hold EIHA level 1 or level 2. but all modules must be completed in full in order to attain BRHA level 1 and level 2 certification.

Who can I contact with questions?

As ever, the BRHA National Executive Committee is on hand to help answer your questions by emailing: Alternatively, contact your regional executive committee via the normal channels

Who is AHDUK?

Advanced Hockey Development UK is continually proven to be an industry leader for delivering high quality coach development workshops and hockey camps.

> Team of qualified instructors educated to IIHF Level 3/EIHA Level 5

> UK Preparing to Teach in the Learning sector level 4 (PTLS)

> Attended IIHF Technical Director course – 2010 in Vierumaki, Finland.

> IIHF International Coach Seminars– 2006 – 2008 – 2010 – 2012 – 2014 – 2016 – 2018 - 2019

> Attended at several IIHF high performance and development camps.

> Attended the Danish Ice Hockey Federations U16/U17 National team selection camp.

> Over 15 years’ experience delivering coach education courses and workshops.

> Over 25 years’ coaching experience as head coach at all levels from Learn to Play (LTP) to Professional Semi pro leagues and National teams.

> Held the position of Technical Director of the Coach Education Program for the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA).

> Ability to design and deliver bespoke coach and development packages that meet our client’s requirements.

[Download a copy in PDF]


COVID-19 Awareness Certification

10th April 2021

BRHA has partnered with Sport England and The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) to provide you with a complimentary COVID-19 Awareness Certification.

Free to all team coaches & managers, referees, timekeepers, executive committee members, and facility managers.

Helping you to return with confidence, sit one of our tailored courses, and help us prevent the spread of Coronavirus so we can safely get back to the sport we love.


Updated RTP Guidance

9th April 2021

We have updated our return to play guidance which is available to download here:

All RTP acceptance forms previously submitted are null and void meaning all teams must update their team’s risk assessment and resubmit for approval by completing the usual ‘RTP Acceptance’ form:

Insurance is not valid until you have received the approval email from National Exec, nor are you able to return to the rink adopting the BRHA’s RTP until this is received. 

The approval email will include a link to a downloadable PDF which can be supplied to your training facility as evidence of insurance cover and RTP approval. 

All registered teams have team liability and coaches insurance as standard, and all players have comprehensive sports injury cover once the registration fee has been paid in full. You can download the scope of insurance here:

If you have questions then please email: and we will do what we can to help. 


Junior Drop-In Sessions

30th March 2021

As we come out of lockdown, BRHA South join forces with Bordon Roller Rink to host junior drop-in sessions. 

Price: £10 per player per session. Cash on arrival.

Location: Bordon Roller Rink, GU35 0FJ


Dates & sessions:

> 14 April - 19:00 to 20:20 - Ages: 14 and under

> 14 April - 20:40 to 22:00 - Ages: 15 to 18

> 28 April - 19:00 to 20:20 - Ages: 14 and under

> 28 April - 20:40 to 22:00 - Ages: 15 to 18

> 12 May - 19:00 to 20:20 - Ages: 14 and under

> 12 May - 20:40 to 22:00 - Ages: 15 to 18

(NB: Under 18 on 31 August 2020 in accordance with government guidance for organised sport)

Spaces are limited so registration will be confirmed on a first come first served basis.

Format: the sessions will be ran by experienced coaching staff and will include drills and scrimmage within the approved guidance.

Pre-session questions:


The BRHA National Executive Committee is waiting for updated guidance from the Government and DCMS, including key details such as participant numbers. To this end, registrants will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Please read the NEC's update for key return to play information:

> Players must only register for the appropriate age group based on their year of birth. In the interest of safety, proof of age may be requested by the coaching staff before the player is allowed to participate in the session. 

> It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure their child is fully insured and is wearing protective playing equipment in accordance with the BRHA rule book. BRHA players that have registered for the 2020/21 season and have paid their registration fee in full are fully insured up to and including 31 August 2021.

> Players should arrive in full kit as the changing rooms won’t be in use unless there is a valid safety or safeguarding reason.

> Spectators are not allowed in the facility unless there is a valid safety or safeguarding reason.

> Participants must enter the facility no more than 10 minutes prior to the advertised start time of their registered session and must vacate within 10 minutes of their registered session finishing. 

> Adhere to BRHA return to play guidance and Bordon Roller Rink’s COVID-19 measures at all times while in the facility. 


Social Media Coordinator

30th March 2021

BRHA South is on the hunt for a Social Media Coordinator to help increase brand awareness and ensure an active presence and steady flow of content across all social channels. The role itself is voluntary and you will be invited to join regional executive committee meetings, as well as our associated online exec groups, in a non-executive capacity (i.e. you will be there to observe and deliver on the agreed without an executive vote on various matters).

How much time will I need to invest?

The amount of time needed to fulfil this role is difficult to quantify and very much depends on various factors such as previous experience and ability. It would be reasonable to assume a couple of hours per week once you are up and running, and familiar with the role and various platforms.

Skill set and responsibilities:

> Responsible for content delivery across all current forms of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Content should be posted to YouTube where appropriate to do so;

> All content must remain on-brand and in accordance with documented BRHA brand guidelines;

Responsible for the creation of engaging and meaningful content while keeping it relevant to BRHA South and our strategy;

> Ensure the frequent and timely posting of content based on organisational activity and as agreed with the General Secretary and wider regional executive committee.

> Attending game days, tournaments and other events as requested/needed to maximise exposure;

> BRHA (national) content should be shared where possible to help demonstrate brand unification and help with cross-promotion;

> Creative background preferred;

> Competent in creating unique content using Canva or similar software preferred;

> To work closely with the General Secretary on content creation and approval prior to its publication. 

Apply today

If you're up for the challenge then please apply by email:


COVID-19 Update (23 March 2021)

23rd March 2021

To all members,

Well, I think it's fair to say that none of us thought we would be in the same situation a year down the line (literally to the day!) Thank you for your continued patience and support while we navigate the ever-changing situation. It has been a truly challenging time for all of us and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back on the rink very soon!

We have been working with the DCMS and UKActive to gather the facts before sharing our plan with the wider community. Unfortunately, a lot of the detail remains to be seen but we will share what we know so that you can start planning as best as possible. The expectation we have is that more details will be released at some point next week, once we pass step 2 of the spring roadmap.

To summarise our plan: -

  • > 12 April 2021: Junior teams (under 18) able to return to training in an indoor hockey rink / sports facility. All children will be able to attend regardless of circumstance. Participant numbers and relevant on-site restrictions have not yet been published by the Government or the DCMS. We anticipate activities to be restricted to 15 individuals but will confirm as soon as this information is available.
  • > 17 May 2021: Senior teams (18 and over) able to return to training in an indoor hockey rink / sports facility. Participant numbers and relevant on-site restrictions have not yet been published by the Government or the DCMS. We anticipate activities to be restricted to 2 x 6 individuals but will confirm as soon as this information is available.
    > 21 June 2021: Restrictions are due to be lifted. Exactly how this affects organised sport is not yet known. The BRHA's National Executive Committee has been working closely with each region to start hosting regional tournaments and friendlies from or around this date. These events will last for approximately 8 weeks and more details will be shared by each regional exec in due course.
  • > 14 August 19 September 2021: During this window, the BRHA intends to host a national tournament at each age group (juniors and seniors). These will be hosted at the available BRHA rinks across the country in solidarity and support of our valued partners after what has been an extremely challenging year financially and emotionally. The tournament format and dates will be communicated in due course but will be open to all registered teams and members with no qualification criteria.
  • > The 2021/22 season: Each region commences their season at various points, typically between September and November, so please keep a close eye on your regions social channels or for further information in the coming weeks and months.

We have been working to ensure as smooth return as possible and fully understand that everyone's situation is slightly different when it comes to inter-club activities; therefore, please liaise with your regional exec and local training facility to ensure you have the most up-to-date information available.

The dates contained within this communication reflects and is conditional on the government's 'Spring Roadmap 2021' and is subject to change without notice.

RETURN TO PLAY: We will update our RTP and risk assessment template at the earliest opportunity once this information is made available. All previously submitted RTP acceptance forms are now deemed null and void. Teams are required to update their acceptance and risk assessment to reflect the guidance once published. As per, the responsible person in each team will receive an automated approval email from the National Exec once the submission has been reviewed and approved, only after which are you authorised to return and for your insurance policy to be deemed 'active'. The email will contain a link to a PDF which can be forwarded to your facility as proof. If you don't have the approval email then you are not insured nor able to adopt the BRHA's RTP.

Looking for an event in the coming months? We are committed to posting the regional and national events we know of on our website so that our members have a central reference point. Keep an eye on our website for details as they become available:

As ever, if you have questions or need pointing in the right direction, you can email us: and we will do what we can to help.

Stay safe,

Dave McGill
Director, BRHA Ltd.

On behalf of the BRHA National Executive Committee.


Regional & National Events Calendar

23rd March 2021

We will post the events we know of here. Check back regularly for more information.


BRHA National COVID-19 RTP Update (06 Dec 2020)

6th December 2020

COVID-19 Return to Play Statement

06 December 2020

Dear Members,

Further to recent developments concerning COVID-19 guidelines, the BRHA National Executive Committee is providing clubs across all six regions with an update on our current position and the plan moving forward.

BRHA Limited is the acting governing body for all six BRHA regions, namely North Wales, North West, South, South West, West, and Yorkshire. As you know, the BRHA National Exec has been working closely with the DCMS over the past several months and pushing our sport forward where it is safe to do so.

Version 4 of our return to play policy has been reviewed and approved by the DCMS, and the arrangement is that we move forward in a streamlined fashion with other roller organisations, so the sport is moving forward as one and allows for easier governance. To us, this makes a lot of sense and we, of course, will do what we can to support progress so long as the safety of our members and volunteers is not compromised.

This past week as lockdown 2.0 concluded, the BRHA National Exec held several meetings regarding our position as an organisation and what we believe is the right approach to take the next step. There is and will always be the added complication of ever-changing government guidelines that is simply out of our control; however, we feel it necessary to demonstrate to our valued members that we are moving forward.

To this end, we are pleased to announce that the BRHA National Exec has approved the return to competitive play and plan to run pilot games where we execute our stringent game day policies and make the necessary tweaks prior to rolling out nationally. The safe and controlled return to competitive play is of utmost importance and this process will not be rushed. As a country and sport, we have had to endure unprecedented times that has tested each and every one of us at all levels, and it appears we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Now is not the time to relax and compromise our safety. Each region will be required to adopt national policies and procedures, so that we continue to manage the situation, with a platform to provide feedback so every region learns from the other.

The pilot games will take place effective 01 January 2021 and the regional heads will contact all member clubs to commence a consultation period in due course. It is crucial that our members have the opportunity to input into our wider plan and this will be achieved through the hierarchical structure in place from parent and player up to the BRHA National Exec. Our members must feel safe and involved at all times and this is where we need you more than ever.

At the time of writing, the BRHA is at the following phases: -

· Seniors @ RTP Phase 2:

o Tier 1: Teams are allowed to train in bubbles of six up to a maximum of two bubbles (12 individuals in total). This includes netminders but excludes coaching staff as long as they maintain social distance and wear a suitable face covering.

o Tier 2: Players can train with up to 12 players on the rink with no interaction other than those of the same household or support bubble. While training is allowed, you must continue to socially distance on-and-off the rink, and the mixing of players is strictly prohibited.

o Tier 3: Skating rinks are not allowed to open while in tier 3.

· Juniors @ RTP Phase 3:

o All Tiers: Teams are allowed to train in accordance with the participant numbers and guidance stated in the BRHA’s RTP v4 policy. Training is permitted for players aged 17 and under across all tiers.

o Tier 3: Skating rinks are not allowed to open while in tier 3.

NB: As ever, please keep a very close eye on the ever-changing landscape and ensure your club is adhering to the latest guidelines.

Effective 01 January 2021:

· Competitive play is allowed within the confines of the guidance;

· Juniors:

o Training @ Phase 3 (enhanced training): no change in phase – stringent measures required while training;

o Games @ Phase 5 (behind closed doors): Junior teams with players aged 17 and under are permitted to participate in organised games. Please ensure cross-tier travel is kept to a minimum and only when essential.

o NB: Phase 4 and phase 6 are the maximum phases for training and games respectively. The BRHA does not operate sequential phases as is the case with some other organisations, as this allows us to control all playing environments independently.

· Seniors:

o Training @ Phase 2: continued until such time the guidance for players aged 18 years and over is updated;

o Games: under the current guidance, game play environments are not allowed for players aged 18 years and over.

As BRHA Limited has only recently taken ownership of the national organisation from Inline UK, it is an acting governing body and, currently, not recognised by Sports England. The process to become recognised by Sports England is quite lengthily and will take time. This is why the DCMS are unable to list BRHA as an approved body on the website; although, our policy has been reviewed and approved. A headed letter has been requested so that this can be used for reference of our dialogue and agreement with the DCMS. We will remain fully transparent throughout this process and encourage any questions you may have.

The respective regional representatives will be reaching out in due course; however, if you have any questions or need further clarification in the meantime, please email

Please continue to stay safe and we thank you once again for your continued support,

The BRHA National Executive Committee.


RTP Update - Junior Games

9th October 2020


Dear all,

Sadly, despite our very best efforts, we have to announce the postponement of this weekend’s games.

When we announced that these games might take place this weekend, we mentioned the finer detail planning was still ongoing and despite the National Exec and the DCMS persistent hard work to iron these out in time for this Sunday, time has simply run out.

We, and the DCMS, are confident that these items will be resolved very shortly, so we are hoping and planning that this is only a postponement and not a cancellation. We hope to be back with confirmed dates very soon, however we felt that it was not fair on our members to give less than 24 hours’ notice of the postponement and have taken the decision now rather than wait until the absolute last minute.

Please apologise to your young players. We know that this is not the news they want to hear and please reassure them that we are doing everything possible to get them playing competitive games as soon as it is safely and legally possible to do so.

Once again we are very grateful to Bordon Roller Rink for their continued support in helping us try and get these games going.

Best regards,

BRHA South Executive Committee. 


COVID-19 Update (25 Sep 2020)

25th September 2020

As we head in to the weekend, we want to share the latest on where we are following the Government’s shift in guidance earlier this week.

The DCMS has reviewed and approved version 3 of our RTP, subject to updating it to the revised guidance. V3 was sent prior before the announcement so we will get to work and push this through ASAP.

They have confirmed junior hockey (17 and under) can continue under the new guidance, and we will be working to get the season started as soon as is practical. As we want to return under the safest possible conditions, games will be played behind closed doors. BRHA South has been working tirelessly on a Covid-secure facility plan that has also been reviewed by the DCMS. This region will be the pilot and the plan tweaked where necessary before rolling out to other regions. It is a process that needs to be tried and tested, and cannot be rushed so we thank you for your understanding.

Furthermore, we have confirmation that senior players (18+) are able to form training bubbles on the rink with the strict understanding that they do no mix. This allows senior teams to form two bubbles of six. The RTP will be updated and published early next week so that senior teams have a maximum of 12 (2 x 6) at any one time, and this must include coaches and other participants registered to the team. We will be working with the regional heads and the facilities to introduce measures to partition the rink in two. Competitive games are suspended until further notice. No individuals will be authorised to wait on the bench or around the rink, and spectators will be prohibited on the basis that safeguarding is not compromised.

We hope this provides some reassurance as we head in to the weekend. It is an unprecedented time and we are constantly having to react and adapt. The BRHA National Exec is doing everything in our power to push on but we must all remain mindful of the times we are in. Safety must not be compromised.

A further update will be posted in the coming days once we release the new version of the RTP and require teams to update their RTP Acceptance and Risk Assessment forms.

Many thanks for your continued patience and support,

Dave McGill

Director & General Secretary

BRHA Limited

On behalf of the BRHA National Executive Committee


COVID-19 Update (23 Sep 2020)

23rd September 2020

We have confirmation from UKActive that our understanding is correct and that all competitive indoor sports (games) for anyone aged 18 and over is suspended until further notice. We will continue to work with the DCMS, UKActive, and other key agencies to do what we can but this will be focused around junior hockey. 

The new All Stars programme will continue as planned, as that remains within the limits of the new Covid guidelines. 

Furthermore, we have put forward a written proposal to the DCMS that will (hopefully) allow teams to form bubbles of 6, so that senior players can continue with their regular training. This will need approval before we can share any more detail. 

Further updates will be posted as and when the National Exec has the facts and necessary approvals.

An update from our regional Chairman is attached.


ALL STARS: Coach & Manager Vacancies + Full Info

12th September 2020

Here is your opportunity to get involved in the brand new BRHA All Stars initiative, which is launching for the 2020/21 season. BRHA South, North West, and Yorkshire, come together as we set out to scout the elite players across all regions that will represent the BRHA domestically as well as on the International stage.

We are looking for candidates to fill the roles of Manager, Coach & Assistant Coach to lead the U12, U14, and U16 teams, all supported by the BRHA National Executive Committee.

In order to be considered, we are asking for individuals interested in these positions to submit their Resume online: The closing date is 30th September 2020 with the successful candidates notified no later than 31st October 2020.

The successful coaching and management teams will work together on strategy and start planning for the BRHA All Stars Challenge. This is a 'trial by tournament' event that is being held at our BRHA West & North Wales rink in Market Drayton on 12th & 13th December 2020. Each region will take a team of interested players per age group to the event where they will compete against the other two regions (3 teams per age group, 9 in total at the event). 

The objectives of the Tournament are primarily to re-enforce the Association’s desire to put the focus on the future of our sport with the younger players, to help it grow and provide a sustainable route for development.

The successful team will be scouted based on their all-round performance including attitude on and off the rink, and ability. Each team will be formed of 8 players and 2 goalies, with the successful players being informed in early January. 

Training sessions will be held on the following dates in preparation for Sparta 2021!

- 6th February @ Bordon Roller Rink, 12:00 - 16:30
- 6th March @ Atherton Roller Rink, 12:00 - 16:30

Sparta is scheduled for 31st March - 4th April 2021, in Igualada, near Barcelona. 

Please be aware that you may only be considered if you can commit to ALL aspects of the ALL STARS Programme (challenge event, training & Sparta). You must be registered in the BRHA as either a Player, Manager or Coach (Managers & Coaches must be DBS Registered - DBS will be arranged if required).

Sparta age group classification (this aligns to the BRHA):

- Under 13 (Born on or after 1/1/08)
- Under 15 (Born on or after 1/1/06)
- Under 17 (Born on or after 1/1/04)


Download the full advert here (PDF):


Vacancy: Chairman (South)

7th September 2020

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

The BRHA South Executive Committee is calling an EGM on Sunday, 20th September, for the replacement of our regional Chairman.

At our last AGM, held in June 2020, Adrian Tull announced that he wishes to step down to focus on National duties, and that any interested parties should make themselves known.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- Chairing Exec meetings (in-person & virtual)

- Regular communication with the regional committee via online platform

- Communicating with third parties

- Policy setting

- Taking ownership of new league initiatives

- Representing the league on game days and at tournaments

We have had a suitable candidate come forward and now formally open the position to all interested members of BRHA South.

A vote will take place at the EGM on 20th September for the immediate start of Adrian’s successor.

Please message us on Facebook, or email if you are interested and wish to be considered.



14th August 2020


It is with great pleasure (and relief!) to announce that the BRHA's return to play policy was fully APPROVED by the DCMS earlier today.

A copy of the risk assessment and acceptance form has been provided to managers for completion. There is no pressure from the BRHA to adopt our policy. We understand that teams play in other league so if you want to use ours then we are pleased you have chosen to do so. We will not accept a hybrid approach of using someone else's policy and our insurance. It is all or nothing, and no exceptions will be made.

long as the RTP process has been completed in full then all teams ARE APPROVED TO RETURN TO PLAY FROM 15 AUGUST 2020.

Download the policy on our website:

NHS Test & Trace Form:

If you have any questions, please email message us on Facebook or email



12th August 2020

The BRHA National Executive Committee has created this risk assessment template for the convenience of our member clubs. It is important that each club wanting to adopt the BRHA’s return to play policy completes and provides a copy to the BRHA by following the defined process below. Until this process has been completed in full, BRHA member clubs, their players and team officials are not authorised to adopt the policy nor covered under our insurance policy. 

The BRHA understands that some teams play in more than one league; therefore, we are not forcing you to choose which policy you follow. If you want to follow the BRHA’s then we are happy that you have chosen to do so, and we ask two things: -

1) Download a copy of our return to play policy;
2) Complete a risk assessment & corrective action plan;
3) Complete this acceptance form and upload all supporting documentation;
4) Arrange for all players and team officials to register on

Both steps of the process are crucial to our return to play policy and will do a long way in helping us manage our return to the sport we all love. We thank everyone involved for their patience, consideration and understand.


Please note:

** Teams that already have a risk assessment and CAPA in place can upload it to the acceptance form so long as it covers all points in our version. If the uploaded version contains less than our version, it will be deemed invalid and you won't be able to adopt our policy once approved by the DCMS;

** Teams aren't forced to follow our return to play policy but bear in mind that any club/team (and inherently their players and team officials) not following it will not be covered by our insurance policy.


COVID-19 Return to Play Update

29th July 2020

Hi All,

Hope you're keeping well.

Allow me to update you on the status of our national return to play policy. It is with the DCMS for approval and we await their response (and, hopefully, their approval of our return!).The policy includes a quick reference summary and four detailed phases - 3 for a phased return to training, and 1 for game days. All teams wanting to adopt this policy will need to sign an acceptance form and the respective team managers will need to assist the national and regional committees in enforcing this once approved.

A risk assessment guide and template will be included in the policy document to help teams carry out their own assessment for their members. It is strongly advised that teams complete this process sooner rather than later - plenty of information can be found on the, Sports England and UK Active websites.

Insurance details:

- Teams, officials and players registered in BRHA South for the 2019/20 season will continue to be insured up to and including 31 August 2020 subject to the acceptance form being signed and received;

- New teams entering BRHA South for 2020/21 will need to ensure all documentation is signed and logged on our system ahead of their return to play; however, team liability and personal accident cover won't commence until 1 September 2020. NB: I am working closely with our insurers to see if we can extend this to new teams joining the league but, as yet, we haven't received confirmation of this so please assume insurance won't be in place until September;

- Uninsured parties will need to present a copy of an insurance certificate if they are adopting the BRHA policy. If this is not received at the time of signing the acceptance form then the adoption of our policy won't be possible;

- Parties not adopting the BRHA's policy will need to comply with Bordon Roller Rink's policy and the BRHA South Executive Committee will not be involved in any capacity unless an acceptance form is signed after which time the team falls under BRHA guidance;

- Insured parties will void their insurance if found to be non-compliant with the return to play policy;

- COVID-19 is excluded from the scope of our policy as it cannot be proven where the virus was contracted. Specific wording is being added to this affect in the new policy documentation.

In terms of timescales, the honest truth is we don't know when we will hear back from the DCMS and how many iterations we may need to go through. Rest assured that as a player and committee member at both national and regional level, I am doing everything I can to move this forward as timely as possible. I knew it wouldn't be an easy task but it has taken considerably longer than originally anticipated to get to this point.

Stay safe,

Dave McGill
Director & Secretary, BRHA Limited
General Secretary, BRHA South


BRHA take over Inline UK!

1st July 2020

The BRHA take over Inline UK to form a fresh, new organisation for inline hockey here in the United Kingdom. Consisting of six regions, the BRHA reaches far and wide with rinks located in Bordon, Manchester, Market Drayton, Plymouth, and Sheffield. The 2020/21 season sees the introduction of our brand new initiatives including Junior All Stars, Junior Nationals, and Senior Conference. This is in addition to the Senior Nationals that already took place each summer. This is an exciting and significant step forward for the BRHA as we move forward as a must stronger and united organisation. Get involved and believe in the future!

BRHA take over Inline UK

League Winners Announced

27th May 2020

*** STOP PRESS ***

Following our recent consultation period and latest COVID-19 update, the BRHA Executive Committee has finalised the league standings for the 2019/20 season.

As teams had all played an odd number of games, this has been calculated using a points-per-game average with the goal difference average playing the deciding factor in the event of a points tie.

Player awards and our first ever BRHA Junior Dream Team will be announced imminently!

Our website has been updated -

We now move full steam ahead in preparation for 2020/21...


Details for our AGM at the end of June will be announced soon.



18th March 2020

Official statement regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Published: 17 March 2020
Update: 1

In light of the global pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the Executive Committee of BRHA South would like to issue all members with a formal statement regarding the remainder of the 2019/20 season.

It goes without saying that we are closely monitoring the advice of heath and government organisations and ensure you that the health and safety of our members and spectators is paramount; under no circumstances will this be jeopardised.

Given the changing dynamic of the situation, the following is based on the information we have at the time of writing (17th March 2020). We will continue to review our position and provide you with updates as and when we feel necessary and with as much advanced notice as possible.

a) All league games and competitions have been postponed with immediate effect.

b) We intend to restart on Sunday, 17th May 2020. The already-scheduled fixtures on Sunday, 17th May 2020, and Sunday, 24th May 2020, will remain unchanged. We are working with Bordon Roller Rink on available dates for those that have been postponed; although, we note that it is highly likely these will need to be played on a Saturday due to the lack of available rink time.

c) The 2019/20 Senior National Championships will go ahead as planned and are due to take place at Bordon Roller Rink on the following dates: -

· 1st & 2nd August = B Nationals
· 15th & 16th August = A Nationals

d) Any participant that shows symptoms of COVID-19, or anyone that has been in contact with someone that has, must follow the advice of Public Health England (PHE). You are not permitted to partake in league activities for a minimum of 14 days. We strongly advise you to keep fully up-to-speed with the latest developments of this pandemic by visiting one of the following links:-

i. NHS Direct:

e) In the interest of their own health and safety, we strongly advise anyone over the age of 60 years old, or anyone with an underlying heath condition, not attend including team and match day officials.

f) Any member, regardless of role, that has returned from another country must avoid participating in all league activities for a minimum of 14 days.

g) Team training is at the discretion of the respective club and the players themselves but by doing so may nullify insurance policies held via the BRHA.

h) Members and spectators have a duty of care to themselves and their counterparts and must respect the health and safety of those around them at all times: -

i. Maintaining a distance of 2 metres where possible;
ii. Avoiding handshakes and bodily contact where possible;
iii. No spitting;
iv. Regularly washing their hands;
v. No sharing of water bottles;
vi. Supplying their own sanitiser gel;
vii. Coughing/sneezing into a tissue and disposing of it immediately or into a bent elbow;
viii. When not on the rink, please ensure flip-flops or other appropriate footwear is worn at all times.

i) The Executive Committee has been working with the management of Bordon Roller Rink to ensure they are taking all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our members including but not limited to anti-bacterial hand wash in the toilets, plenty of hand towels and clean showers. Any related queries should be directed to Bordon Roller Rink themselves as this is in the control of the BRHA.

j) The 2019/20 Annual General Meeting has been postponed and more information will be released in due course.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding points raised in this statement, please email


Live Stream

29th February 2020

We're LIVE here for the third and final weekend of Winter Cup 2020 action!

Tune in at

No Facebook account needed, just scroll down and click 'play'.


Winter Cup 2020: Full Tournament Info

31st October 2019

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the BRHA Winter Cup 2020. After the success of our inaugural junior tournament in 2019, we are back bigger and better in 2020. You won't want to miss it! 

Having already recieved registrations from teams from Belgium, France, Republic of Ireland and the UK, word has clearly spread and we look forward to welcoming everyone to our home at Bordon Roller Rink over three weekend's in February. 

NB: This article will be updated as new information is ready to share so please check for updates on a regular basis.


Bordon Roller Rink, Building 62, Whitehill & Bordon Enterprise Park, Bordon, GU35 0FJ. United Kingdom. 

Dates & Times

- Under 12s: 8th February 

- Seniors: 9th February 

- Under 14s: 22nd & 23rd February + League Cup Finals (Senior Showcase)

- Under 16s: 29th & 1st March

Games will run between the following times:

- Saturday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

- Sunday: 8:00am - 7:00pm

* times are subject to change and cannot be confirmed until the participating team list has been finalised. 


Registration is £200 per team and are confirmed on a first come first served basis. We can accommodate a maximum of 16 teams per age group.


Deadline for registration is Sunday, 15th December 2019.

Age Group Classification 

- Under 12's = Born in 2007 or any year after 

- Under 14's = Born in 2005/06 

- Under 16's = Born in 2003/04  

- Seniors = 16 years old on or before 1st January 2020


We have partnered with the Swan Hotel in Alton to provide teams with comfortable and affordable accommodation for the duration of each tournament. 

We have reserved 20 rooms per age group in a mix of twin, double and family rooms. Each room includes such features as tea/coffee facilities, a television, mini-bar, and complimentary in-room Wi-Fi to name but a few.

More generally, the hotel boasts an on-site bar, restaurant, parking, elevator, housekeeping, room service, and luggage storage if required. 

Rooms are charged at £40 per person per night and you are able to stay the Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday night depending on your travel plans. We recommend that you stay Friday and Saturday if possible as the games will start early on both day's. 

Breakfast is included in the room rate and the kitchen will open early for bookings made through us so that teams can enjoy breakfast before making their way to Bordon Roller Rink.

Rooms are allocated on a first come first served basis. Email before the rooms are booked by other teams.

At the Winter Cup

On arrival at the rink, please enter through the front entrance where you will see the check-in desk. Give us your name and team name, and you will be given a lanyard and tournament programme plus a couple of branded goodies by way of appreciation for your support and participation. 

Merchandise will be on sale in the café area where you will be able to purchase various items of memorabilia at an affordable price. Consumable hockey products such as wheels, laces and tape will be on sale, too, so be sure to pop by the stand and grab a bargain.

In between games, take a moment to chill out on bean bags in the marquee while keeping an eye on the hockey via the live stream. 

Be ready to show us your skills as we will be hosting a range of skills events to test your speed, accuracy and shooting. You will be up against 20 other players battling it out for prizes and bragging rights! 

Once the excitement of Saturday's hockey is over with, it doesn't stop there! All teams are invited to an exclusive party in the marquee where you will find a friendly atmosphere to get to know your opposing teams, dance with the DJ and have complimentary access to the public disco for those wanting to put their skates back on. Food and drink will also be available.

Sunday's action gets underway nice and early with a full day of hockey. We aim for the final to be finished by approximately 6:30pm with the award presentation concluded by 7:00pm.

Food & Drink

Bordon Roller Rink now serves food so we will be working with management to provide a variety of hot and nutritious food for the duration of the tournament. More details will be released once this menu is finalised.

Card payments are accepted. 

Tournament Sponsors


- Bordon Roller Rink

- Dangl Productions 

- SkateStation 

- Swan Hotel, Alton


BRHA teams and players are insured for this tournament under their usual league policy; additional cover is not required. Non-BRHA teams and players must present a copy of their insurance certificate before the tournament weekend. A form will be available shortly so we have a copy on record.

So, what are you waiting for!? 

Register your team today and join us as we make history: 


Coaching & Officials Course

10th August 2019

To help improve the standard of hockey, safeguarding, and consistency of officials for the 2019/20 season onward, the Executive Committee are implementing three important initiatives.

1) BRHA Coaching Foundation

Date & Location: 

Saturday, 7th September

1pm - 5pm

Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre, Basingstoke, RG21 3PR

Light refreshments will be provided, optional lunch menu is available at the lounge/bar.


To help to improve the overall Club experience and game days, we're hosting our first annual coaching course which is a scaled-down version of EIHA's Level 1 course. This is hosted by Pete Winn, a senior and very experienced coach of the IIHF and EIHA organisations, so you can expect professional and thorough content.


Bench Management

Game Management

Training Management & Planning

You will receive a hand-out of training drills and useful information to help improve the planning of your training sessions.

Who needs to attend?

This course is compulsory for all team managers and coaches in all age groups (including seniors) with junior players on their roster (17 years of age and younger), unless you are able to present a valid EIHA Level 1 (or above) coaching licence. Certificates by themselves won't be accepted due to expiration. Those without juniors on their roster are strongly encouraged to attend.


£30 per person which includes a DBS Enhanced check if needed.

£20 per person to attend the course only but excludes DBS Enhanced.

For existing EIHA qualified coaches without DBS Enhanced, we can arrange this on your behalf at a cost of £10 per check.

Register here:

2) Match Day Officials Workshop

On the morning of 7th September and preceding the BRHA Coaching Foundation course, we are holding our first annual officials workshop. This will be held at the same venue (Crowne Plaza, Basingstoke) and will cover important topics such as handling difficult situations on the rink, making confident and timely penalty calls, general officiator tips and behaviours, how to properly drop the puck for a face-off, etc.

Register here:

The aim is to improve the consistency of and set a new standard for match day officials in the BRHA.

After sitting the 2-hour course, you will receive a certificate of attendance. We may need to send a copy of the certificates to our insurer upon request.

Please make an effort to attend. We're encouraging managers to bring their older junior players and any seniors players that haven't reffed a game before so they learn the basics and then be paired with an experienced ref on game days to help with those difficult situations. We want more U16 players to help officiate games of younger age groups. Ref fees plus fuel will be paid as normal.

3) Safeguarding

This is a huge talking point for next season and one we are taking extremely seriously. Teams with minors on their team MUST hold a valid DBS Enhanced check for the 2019/20 season. Those that already hold this will need to ensure we have their reference number by recording it in the applicable box on their BRHA registration form ( as we need to check the status before the season commences. If you don't hold a valid DBS Enhanced check then we can arrange this on your behalf.

DBS Cost:

£10 per check (this just covers our costs)

This is included in the fee for those attending the BRHA Coaching Foundation course on 7th September.

Changing rooms will be allocated on game days when seniors and juniors are both playing. It goes without saying that safeguarding is a top priority for us so please help us by respecting the signs on the doors of each changing room as well as general safeguarding practices by having registered officials to politely ask those that are not to leave the changing rooms.

Please let me know if you have questions; otherwise, I thank you all in advance for taking the above seriously. If you are unable to attend either course then please email so we can reach an agreement. 


Dave McGill

General Secretary


Player & Officials Registration Now Open!

5th August 2019

Player registration and registration of team and match day officials is now open:

£30 per Junior
£40 per Senior

The fee also provides each registered member personal injury insurance for all BRHA related activities including games, training sessions and tournaments. Conditions apply, please email for full details and a copy of the policy wording if required.


Club Registration 2019/20

10th May 2019

Register your club for 2019/20 here:

The BRHA is looking for new teams for the 2019/20 season in Under 12/14/16 age groups, as well as seniors. 

Club registration is open until 30th June and it is FREE for juniors to register or £45 for senior teams. 

Player registration opens 1st July with the 2019/20 season starting on Sunday, 15th September. Junior players only need pay their £30 fee - £40 for senior players - which includes a premium level of personal injury insurance.

All games are played on Sunday's at our amazing purpose developed home, Bordon Roller Rink, Hampshire, GU35 0FJ.

Under 12's, 14's and 16's
3 x 12-minute running clock
Only £40 per game
Live streamed games

BRAND NEW FOR JUNIORS IN 2019/20: You now have the opportunity to represent us internationally by trialling for the BRHA 'All Stars'. The 'All Stars' jersey and long pants will be supplied to you by the BRHA and you will represent at Eurostars 2020 in Belgium as well as at the brand new Inline UK Regional Championships and other tournaments throughout the season. This is coached by Adam Pearce of Brighton Stormers and Luke Tull, President of the BRHA and Coach of Dunamis Dynamite. We look forward to welcoming you along to try-outs. Full details will be posted in due course.

3 x 15-minute stopped clock
Only £70 per game
Live streamed games
Senior A + B

Here are but a few reasons why you should join our fresh and exciting league next season. Need more information? Send us an email at

Don't miss out! Register your club for 2019/20 here:

Not yet seen our new promotional video? Check it out here:


Winter Cup 2020

4th May 2019

** Inline UK Winter Cup 2020 **

Teams are registering so secure your place now to avoid disappointment:

After the overwhelming success of our inaugural Winter Cup 2019, registration for 2020 is NOW OPEN!!!

2-day tournament per age group.

10 teams per age group.

£200 per team.

Live streamed.

Loads of giveaways.

Skills competitions.

And so much more!

Under 12: 8th-9th February

Under 14: 22nd-23rd February

Under 16: 29th-1st March

Teams are registering so secure your place now to avoid disappointment:


Rec Team Launches!

18th February 2019

BRHA has co-launched a recreational inline team for 16+ year old players. If you just want to shoot a few pucks without the competitive league, new to the sport and want to get more experienced or a veteran that wants to keep fit then get involved!

This is all for fun. Bi-weekly training sessions starting 26th Feb at Bordon Roller Rink, with the occasional friendly.

Contact Paul Prior for full details.

£20 registration (includes insurance cover) + fee per session.

Register at using role BRHA Rec > 'Player (Recreational)' > Southern Stingrays.

No registration fee for existing BRHA players!

NETMINDERS GO FREE - just pay the registration fee to cover your insurance! 


Limited Spaces Remaining for Winter Cup 2019!

17th February 2019

Following the massive all-round success of the inaugural U14's Inline UK Winter Cup at Bordon Roller Rink on 10th February, we now look forward to the remaining two dates:

• Under 12 = 25th May

• Under 16 = 26th May


Les Fous Du Bitume from France won the U14 Winter Cup and it was great having them involved and we are now looking for more European teams to play in the remaining two dates.

£150 team entry fee with space for 8 teams in each age group. Each team will be placed in to a group of 4 teams playing each other once in the group stages. Then on to the quarter finals, semi finals, bronze, silver and gold medal games. Each team is guaranteed 6 games and will be playing for all positions from 1 to 8, so the battle doesn't stop!

Thanks to our sponsors #SkateSkation and #DanglProductions, there's a bunch of cool prizes up for grabs including store vouchers, custom Winter Cup jersey's and more! Each player and team official will receive a custom lanyard programme and other goodies on arrival. There's loads of other stuff planned, too! Oh, and the event is being live streamed around the world so make sure you bring your A game! ;-)

Register your team here:


It's going to be a fun and competitive tournament to help promote junior hockey in the UK - don't miss out!


Missed out on the U14 Winter Cup?

11th February 2019

What a weekend that was. Hosting a friendly between BRHA Select vs. Les Fous Du Bitume on Saturday afternoon, then the main event on Sunday with our French guests being crowned U14 tournament champions. Thanks to all teams for their participation and sportsmanship. The games were physical with several shootouts, the crowd was seriously raising the roof but most importantly the players had fun and were smiling all day!

You can relive a truly awesome day of competitive junior hockey by watching the live stream videos on our Facebook page:

But fear not, there is more Winter Cup action coming in May with the U12 on 25th May and U16 on 26th May.

Register your team here -- limited spaces remaining!!

If you need more info, head over to our website ( or email


Live Stream Link - U14's Winter Cup 2019

9th February 2019

Everything is ready to go and we're looking forward to welcoming all teams and spectators to Bordon Roller Rink for the inaugural Inline UK Winter Cup. 

The tournament will start at 8am and is scheduled to finish at 6:20pm with the awards being presented at 6:30pm. 

For those unable to make it to the rink tomorrow, all games will be streamed LIVE on our Facebook page: You will also be able to follow the scoresheet as normal by clicking the link on the home page of our website.


Winter Cup 2019 - Important update & registration link

9th January 2019

There is a change of dates and format for the inaugural Inline UK Winter Cup due to unforeseen clashes with other inline organisations. We hope these changes will help attract more teams locally and from further afield with it now being a 1-day event and more cost effective for those needing to stay the night.

Each day is now allocated to a specific age group, as follows (in order of date): -

  • Under 14's = 10th February 2019
  • Under 12's = 25th May 2019
  • Under 16's = 26th May 2019

Unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to drop the Under 10's tournament due to several factors including available rink time and general demand. However, under 10 teams are invited to play in the Under 12's tournament.

The entry fee will remain at £150 per team with 8 teams in each age group playing a format of 2 groups of 4 teams on the day, then in to semi-finals, bronze, silver and gold medal games.

Thanks to our sponsors #SkateSkation and #DanglProductions, there's a bunch of cool prizes up for grabs including store vouchers, custom Winter Cup jersey's and more! Each player and team official will receive a tournament pass and programme and other goodies on arrival. There's loads of other stuff planned, too! Oh, and the event is being live streamed around the world so make sure you bring your A game! ;-)

Register your team here:

Please help us spread the word and make it the success we know it can be by sharing and tagging your friends and team contacts. It's going to be a fun and competitive tournament to help promote junior hockey in the UK and Europe - we hope to see you there!


Dave McGill
General Secretary, BRHA

Inline UK Winter Cup 2019

Inline UK Winter Cup

20th November 2018

The inaugural Inline UK Winter Cup hosted by BRHA is coming in February 2019!!! Make sure you save the date. Full tournament details and poster will be released soon.


Lest We Forget

12th November 2018

The BRHA silence for 2-minutes in observance of Armistice Centenary. Thanks to all the players, managers, coaches, match day officials and spectators in attendance for paying their respects. Lest we forget. 


Remembrance Sunday

8th November 2018

As a sign of respect, the BRHA Executive is arranging a 2-minute silence before the Falcons vs Dynamite game at 10:40am this Sunday.

All teams and spectators will be invited on to the rink to show their respect. The referee will start and end the silence on his whistle.

We ask those not playing in the game following the silence to promptly leave the rink so we avoid unnecessary delay.

Please inform everyone associated with your club as unfortunately there isn’t a PA system and no announcement will be made beforehand.


The new season gets underway!

29th October 2018

Last Sunday, 28th October, saw the first full game day of the 2018/19 season, commencing with ‘quick fire’ 1 x 20-minute pre-split games to decide the A and B divisions for the coming season.

Now that repair work on the roof is well underway (expected to last approximately two weeks), we can hopefully put this behind us and look forward to an exciting season to come (without worrying if we need to bring our swimwear on game day!).

The 18 cancelled games from 14th October have been rescheduled for 25th November and will be played in the same running order as before.

Senior teams can expect to start regular season games on Sunday, 9th December, as we need to wait until the pre-split finishes and the A/B divisions are finalised. 

The newly-formed BRHA League Cup starts on 11th November with the first four games being played in between the juniors’ start to the season. The League Cup is a season-long round robin competition of all senior teams across both divisions with a finals day at the end of the seasom.

A reminder that Banbury Bulldogs (seniors) are eligible to play Regular Season and League Cup games but not pre-split. 7 teams will form Senior A and 6 teams in Senior B.

It’s a busy season ahead with plenty of competitive hockey being played across all age groups, and we hope you’re all looking forward to it as much as we are! 


2018/19 League Structure & Key Information (UPDATED)

10th September 2018

Senior Info

After consultation with team managers, we're pleased to confirm the structure and format of the senior division for 2018/19. The BRHA will once again have a pre-season split to be played over the 3 days in a 'quick fire' format to reduce the time it takes for teams to split in to their appropriate regular season divisions - Senior A and Senior B. The format of the pre-split games will be 1 x 20-minute running clock with these games being played over three dates - Sunday, 14th and 28th October and Sunday, 4th November. Upon completion, teams will split in to two divisions of 7 teams with the regular season facing off on Sunday, 25th November. Banbury Bulldogs u18 and Bordon Warriors u18 accepted our invitation to join Senior B.

We're pleased to welcome a couple of new teams to the BRHA for 2018/19 and, of course, welcome back those familiar faces -- Ash Avalanche, Black Sheep, Bordon Bears, Dunamis Dynamite, Falcons, Jets, Kings, Nuclear Sushi, Scapegoats, Spitfires, Vectis Warriors and Windsor Knights.

A reminder that the senior game format has changed ahead of next season to 3 x 15 minute stop clock.

Junior Info (UPDATED 20/09/18)

The BRHA has faced several quite challenging problems over the past few weeks resulting in the junior's being structures with only one u14 division, due circumstances totally out of the Exec's control. The 4 remaining teams will compete in a mini-league playing one another 3 times each in regular season. 

The BRHA will then host two tournament weekends targeted at specific age groups. Non-BRHA teams from all corners of the country will be invited to compete in an effort to bring awareness (and hopefully future team registrations) for the 2019/20 season.

We will of course continue to promote and ultimately grow the junior divisions over the coming seasons, as this is naturally so crucial for the future success of our league.

The game format for the all junior games is unchanged: 3 x 12 minute running clock.

Fixture Planning

We are in the midst of fixture planning and all team managers will be contacted very shortly so we can get any 'black out' dates (up to 5 per team) for the coming season. We are currently planning for the senior pre-season split and junior divisions, and expect to release these fixtures imminently. We will release the fixtures for the senior's regular season once day 3 of the split is complete, and aim to publish these on our website over the weekend of 11/12th November. Junior teams will start their regular season on 11th November.

League Cup

With the BRHA trialling a season-long 'League Cup' competition in 2018/19, we will contact each manager for information of when and where they train. Fixtures will be drawn out of a hat in the same way as the FA Cup, for example, following a knock-out format and the gold medal game being played on the last weekend of the season. These games will be a differentiator for the BRHA and we hope it will prove a success, and something different for the teams compared to other leagues. All games will need to be played midweek as we only have a finite number of Sunday's booked next season. Full details will be announced in due course.

Referee & Timekeeper Seminar

We're planning to host a seminar as a refresher for existing match day officials and introductory training for new officials that have put themselves forward as a referee or timekeeper. It's great to see organic growth in registrations for match day officials. Full details of the seminar will be announced in the coming weeks once we finalise the last few bits.

Online Registration & Payments

We encourage all players and officials to register sooner rather than later by clicking the 'Register' link on our website - The entire process is now online, including payments so, once you're registered, you will have the option of paying there and then or logging in to your BRHA Sportily account ( and clicking the blue 'Pay Now' button on your dashboard. Now we're a 'cashless' league, all fees will be charged to your BRHA Sportily account so you can pay by debit/credit card. Remember that cash, cheque and BACS are no longer accepted.

Member Perks for 2018/19

To celebrate the new-look BRHA, registered players in all age groups will receive a branded 750ml water bottle and helmet sticker. Not only that, we have also arranged for our professional photographer to take action shots throughout the season. These will be uploaded to our website as normal -

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me either on Facebook or by emailing

Dave McGill
General Secretary, BRHA


Exec Statement re: Junior Rule Changes

9th August 2018

UPDATE (15/08/2018): A junior player may play for another team in an older age group so long as their main registered club doesn't have a team registered in that age group. The parent must complete a Cross Registration Request & Consent Form in order to trigger the process: 


Dear Members,

Following recent queries and concerns raised by several members in regard to below three points, I would like to confirm the league's position for the 2018/19 season and beyond.

1) Junior age group classification
2) Junior cross-registration to Junior teams
3) Junior cross-registration to Senior teams

To address each point in turn…

Junior age group categorisation

As most of you will already be aware, the BRHA is reverting to age groups that fall in-line with the EIHA and other Inline leagues. The age groups are now based on year of birth meaning it is now that year and below (e.g. 18 and below as opposed to under 18's) so if the junior player was born on any date that year then they register in that age group. Each season, the age group brackets simply shift by 1 year.

Under 10's = Born in 2008/09
Under 12's = Born in 2006/07
Under 14's = Born in 2004/05
Under 16's = Born in 2002/03
Under 18's = Born in 2000/01

As a result of this change, BRHA rule 5 clause A/5 will be updated accordingly.

Junior cross-registration to Junior teams

Junior players may play up to any junior age group they please as long as they remain within their primary registered club. E.g. a player is able to register in multiple age groups (e.g. U14, U16, and U18's) but must remain within the same club.

The parent will need to submit a consent form as part of the cross-registration process which will be subsequently approved by all affected team managers and the Registration Secretary. The General Secretary will assist where necessary with the further assistance of the wider Executive Committee should any disputes arise.

The Cross Registration Request & Consent form can be found here:

Junior cross-registration to Senior teams

To be eligible to play up to a senior division, a junior players must be at least 16 years old on or before 1st January of the active season (e.g. 16 years old on or before 01/01/2019 to play in seniors for the 2018/19 season). This is a condition of our insurance policy.

Additionally, BRHA rule 5 clause C/1 stipulates that a junior player may only play up to a senior team within the same club. I can confirm that has been lifted for the 2018/19 season and it is now at the discretion of the affected team managers to agree between themselves. However, it is important to note that a junior player can only play up to one senior team irrespective of division (i.e. must play in either Senior A or Senior B but not both).

The parent will need to submit a Cross Registration Request & Consent form in order to trigger and formalise the request to the League. The Registration Secretary will contact both team managers for their approval and, once the request has been granted, the 'Player (Cross-Registration)' role will be added to the player's Sportily profile and confirmed to all by the Registration Secretary in writing.

This change has been made by the Executive Committee under BRHA rule 7 clause H/4: "the BRHA Executive Committee reserve the right to amend or add rules throughout the season under unforeseen, special circumstances or for safety reasons" as the changes made to the junior structure for the forthcoming season have been deemed significant enough to do so with immediate effect.

All league documentation will be updated in due course to reflect this statement and ratified at the next AGM. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me directly either on Facebook or by emailing

Many thanks,
Dave McGill.

General Secretary, BRHA.


Team Registration Deadline Fast Approaching (14th August)

30th July 2018

Team registration for next season closes on 14th August 2018!!

Register your club here:

This Google Form is to secure your teams place in the BRHA next season and is separate to player registration, which will open once your team has been added to Sportily by our Registration Secretary, Andrew Hounsome.

Team Registration: £45. This will be charged to your Sportily profile once the registration process is complete.

Register your club here:

Team managers should pay particular interest to the important points section on the form so that they can help enforce the rules next season.

Other fees:
- Player Registration (Senior): £40
- Player Registration (Junior): £30
- Bench & League Officials: No charge

Once the team registration process is complete, players and bench officials will be able to register via the normal form on our website:

Please let me or Andrew Hounsome (our Registration Secretary) know if you have any questions.


General Secretary, BRHA


2018/19 Team Registration Now Open!

3rd June 2018

Team registration for next season is now open!!

The process has now been digitised so all you need to do it complete the form by clicking the link below. This year the registration fee is £45 per team registered, which will be charged to the manager’s Sportily profile and must be paid on or before 14th August..

Register here:

This form is to secure your teams place in the BRHA next season. Player registration will open once your team has been added to Sportily. For junior divisions this may take a little longer as we’re reverting to the previous age group classification (under 10’s, 12’s, 14’s etc). You will be informed by the Registration Secretary when players can start registering. 

Player registration fees for 2018/19 are: £40 per senior, £30 per junior.

Registration fees for bench and league officials are covered by the league from 2018/19.

Team managers should pay particular interest to the important points section on the form so that they can help enforce the rules next season.

Please let me or Andrew Hounsome (our Registration Secretary) know if you have any questions.



General Secretary, BRHA


GDPR - Privacy Notice

24th May 2018

As with all organisations, the British Rink Hockey Association has to comply with the change in data protection law, known as General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), that is coming in to force on 25th May 2018. 

You can download a copy of the BRHA's Member Privacy Notice on our website at

If you have any questions or requests then please contact me by email at

Many thanks,

Dave McGill
General Secretary
BRHA (Inline UK South) 


AGM - 24th June

29th April 2018

** AGM - Calling all BRHA members!!! **

It’s that time of year when we’re thinking about our AGM. This year it will be held on our last game day of the season - 24th June at 6pm at Bordon Roller Rink. We will set up in the soft play room, next to the cafe area, and present to you an update of what we’ve done this season and announce some of our plans for next season.

A huge amount of work has gone in to the league behind the scenes in the last six months, resolving challenges in many different areas and putting in place solid ground work to give us the best chance to grow in the future and become the strongest we’ve ever been!

I will post the agenda nearer the time but we will be covering topics such as:

- Junior age group reclassification

- Senior game format

- Replacement Fixtures Secretary

- Replacement Junior Coordinator

- Update on 2017/18 season

- Plans for next year

- Financial summary

If you are interested in putting yourself forward for consideration for either of the above two roles, please send me a message or email These roles will go to majority vote at the AGM.

We expect the AGM to finish around 7:30pm and we will look to provide light refreshments to those in attendance.

I hope you can join us on the day as we have loads to shout about! This is your league and your opportunity to have you say!


Rescheduled games from 18th March!

24th March 2018

Please be advised that the games cancelled on Sunday, 18th March 2018, due to the snow and dangerous road conditions have been rescheduled to Saturday, 14th April 2018.

Note the earlier start time of 8:15am with the last game finishing by 5pm, in time for the rinks usual public disco.

All team manager’s were consulted with before the rink booking was confirmed.


Games This Sunday - 4th March 2018

1st March 2018

Games are going ahead as planned this Sunday, 4th March 2018. If the situation changes, we will post on the BRHA Facebook group giving you as much notice as possible. The forecast in Bordon looks to ease up over the weekend so we look forward to seeing you at the rink!

BRHA Official - Facebook Group:

Stay safe people! :-)


Scape Goats Win Fuengirola!

30th January 2018

On behalf of the League and all associated with it, I would like to congratulate Scape Goats on being crowned champions of the ninth Fuengirola Lions Tournament.

It's great to see a BRHA team flying the flag abroad but even better, bringing home GOLD!

Well done, guys!!!

Scape Goats Win Fuengirola!

Online Payments Now Accepted!

23rd January 2018

BRHA now accept online payments for registration fees and match fees at no extra cost to you! It is important to me that we improve the overall member experience when dealing with the BRHA, and this is another step forward in helping us achieve that goal.

Enabling online payments means that we have significantly streamlined the registration process as the system will now reconcile the payment amount with the total amount owed on your BRHA account. The same applies for match fees, disciplinary fines etc. Naturally, this eradicates the need for manual intervention during such administrative processes thus allowing us to focus on more value-add activities.

To pay fees, simply login to and the dashboard will display any outstanding fees and a 'Pay Now' button (see screenshot attached). If you haven't yet registered for an online account, you can do so here:

Payment processing is extremely secure and handled by Stripe, one of the world's leading payment gateways. More information can be found here:

Note that 'legacy' payment methods (BACS, Cash and Cheque) are still available for the foreseeable future but we encourage members to pay online.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Dave McGill
General Secretary
BRHA (Inline UK South)


New Player Registrations!

17th January 2018

Having received several enquiries regarding new player registrations, I would like to confirm the process going forward.

All registrations are now completed on our website and there is no deadline as such other than the registration fee needs to be in the league’s bank account no fewer than 3 day’s prior to game day.

  Sort code: 20-75-01 / Account no: 83691373

The payable fees are as follows:

  Senior £45 / Junior £35

To register, click the ‘Registration’ link at the top of our website -

The only exception to this is cross registration or club release whereby you will also need to complete a paper-based form in addition to the online form. The respective forms can be found under ‘Documents’ on our website. Paper forms need to be sent to Lynda Waller, our Registration Secretary.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Dave McGill, General Secretary


New Website Goes Live!

5th December 2017

On behalf of myself and the rest of Exec, we're pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website –

Those familiar with our new platform, Sportily, from other leagues will need no introduction to the benefits it brings to all. If you haven’t come across it before then it’s an excellent platform that will help us improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the league while delivering a bunch of long overdue changes on all levels. These changes not only meet our needs today, but future proof us for years to come.

The team at Sportily has worked closely with us throughout the entire process to help build a platform that provides our members, and website visitors, with an exceptional user experience. The bulk of the work completed in phase 1 was mostly ‘under the hood’, and soon, phase 2 will be in full swing! Our focus for the next part is to update the front-end interface and roll-out several additional features to our members.

To highlight but a few of the features available to you right now:

>>> ‘Live Game Centre’ — If you can’t make the game, now you can track it in real-time using our new in-game timeline, displayed at the top of our home page!

>>> Statistics are back! — Navigate through the website to analyse competitive stats like how you rank in points within your team or even the entire division!

>>> In-Game Timeline — You never need ask for a copy of the score sheet again! The old-style paper-based score sheets have now been replaced by the timeline. A clean and simple timeline of events available to you during game play, or you can check out any past fixture!

>>> Your Profile — Take full control of your profile and the information you provide the league. Handy for when you move house and need to update your details, want to track outstanding fees, or even view the status of a pending disciplinary investigation!

>>> Registrations — All types of league registrations are now completed online. For the time being, payments should be made using existing methods (BACS, Cash, Cheque etc.) until such time as we enable online payments!

** ACTION REQUIRED ** — To take full advantage of our new system, you need to complete the registration form by clicking the following link. We have already uploaded basic information for each of our ‘members’ but, after registering, your profile will be updated with your chosen login credentials and contact details!

If you have any questions please let me know by messaging me on Facebook or by emailing


Dave McGill
General Secretary
BRHA (Inline UK South)


Referees needed!

29th November 2017

We need referees so if you're interested, please contact me directly on Facebook or by emailing Depending on the demand, we will look in to organising a referee's course for newly joined officials and those who'd like a refresher.

Many thanks

Dave McGill
General Secretary
BRHA (Inline UK South)


Additional Fixtures!

29th November 2017

Fixtures for all age groups up to and including 21st January have been posted on the BRHA Managers group on Facebook and we're still waiting for several teams to approve these, hence why they've not been released. We can’t go any further until the first round of senior games have been played and we know the teams that will form the subsequent Senior A and B divisions. The remaining available dates for the rink leave us with limited options so we ask that teams accommodate the proposed fixtures wherever possible. Any problems, please let Paul Collins know or email and your query will be forwarded on.


Paul Collins
Fixtures Secretary
BRHA (Inline UK South)


New General Secretary!

9th November 2017

A new General Secretary has been elected by the British Rink Hockey Association Committee  following the resignation of Tina Davidson, a much respected individual for all her hard work and commitment given to all. 

Effective 7th November 2017, Dave McGill, has accepted the position of General Secretary until the end of the 2017/18 season when he will decide whether to take it on full-time. A further announcement will be issued in due course.